August 29, 2011

Thoughts on the 2011 VMAs

Last night was MTV's Video Music Awards. I love award shows, and I especially love watching what people wear to award shows and admiring all the glitz and glamour. I have to admit I was a little surprised this year by the fact that I didn't know many of the artists and by how casual the event has become. The days of boys in fitted suits have been replaced by old shirts and dirty, baggy shorts with thick gold chains and a strangely large amount of YSL belts and jackets. Not my personal preference, but I guess this is the show to do it at if any. In general, I think the girls did a better job of dressing for the occasion than the guys. Most of the dresses were short, fun, and sparkled with glitter and sequins. Besides the ladies of Jersey Shore whose dresses were too short, too fun, and too sparkled, I thought that most of the girls looked great.

The main talk of the night, however, wasn't the dresses. It was Lady Gaga showing up as her male alter ego, and Beyonce announcing that she's pregnant. I was very impressed by both of these for their creativity and perfect execution. Lady Gaga is as bizarre to me as ever, but I respect what she does and I have to admit I'm always entertained whenever she performs.However, - and I realize this makes me seem completely like a mom - I think that, as the #1 most influential celebrity according to Forbes magazine, Lady Gaga has a responsibility to be a good role model. I understand the beer, maybe, but the cigarette smoke could have been avoided. Many of her fans are just learning in school why smoking is bad, and then they see their favorite pop star basically promoting it. Not good.

Beyonce's moment was so incredible, especially when the camera was on Jay-Z and he was smiling from ear to ear. They're a power couple if I've ever seen one, and I can only imagine what a gorgeous and talented kid they'll have.

The main disappointment of the night to me was that Adele didn't win anything. Everyone was so excited to see her perform and her songs have literally blown up, and yet she came away empty handed. Hopefully she can put out another few great songs and next year will be her year. She's so refreshing with her big hair, sweet accent, and true raw talent. I might argue she is my favorite artist right now. 

I was also a bit disappointed by Miss Britney, who I normally adore. Her speech was really awkward and the tension for the kiss with Lady Gaga was weird and unnecessary. The whole thing seemed uncomfortable and it kinda hurt to watch.

If you don't have an opinion about Lady Gaga's entrance, Beyonce's announcement, or that ridiculous yellow block on top of Katy Perry's head, that's ok. I understand that this is not nearly as important to the world as Hurricanes or Hunger, but it does have its place. While I can't argue that the redeeming factor for this particular award show is vocal talent (besides Adele), there are some incredibly talented entertainers at the VMAs. The VMAs allow people to escape the problems and pressures of real life for a few short hours to appreciate how creative humans can be. From a young age I loved award shows because they gave me something to work towards. I have no talent that I could ever use to win a VMA, an Oscar, or a Grammy, but something about it all is alluring and inspiring to me. I would love to wear those dresses, and I would love to thank Britney and Beyonce for the way that they have been able to show me that work can be fun if you love what you do. I think I'll be there one day. Maybe doing the PR or reporting on the events for inclusion in SELF magazine, but either way I will make it happen.

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  1. I wish Adele had won something- she is SO talented! And I literally just found out about Beyonce's pregnancy through your post! I had no idea! Woahhh that's going to be one diva-licious child!!!

  2. Missed the shows but I did get to see the pictures. Love katy Perry's outfit..weird but it's so her. Beyonce looked amazing. :)

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