September 2, 2011

The Case for Coffee and Cupcakes
Day in and day out I try to eat as healthy as possible. I try to drink a lot of water and get a perfect balance of grains, veggies, and fruit. Today, however, after an unfortunate morning incident at the DMV, I knew that my usual breakfast of oatmeal or dry cereal (because I can bring it in a bag to work) would not help my mood. I needed some TLC - the kind that can only come from a really good hug or from the combination of a perfect hot drink and an equally magnificent sweet treat.

Today my comfort came in the form of a packet of Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee and a Crushcakes Red Velvet Cupcake. It really was like a hug in liquidy, sugary form. Unfortunately for everyone that I saw or talked to today, both of these things occured mid-morning and therefore I was not all too pleasant to be around for the early part of the day. Sorry.

Growing up in a South African family, I have been taught that a hot cup of tea or coffee can cure pretty much anything. When I think about the top 3 or 4 most terrible moments in my life, I realize that the first thing I did was make a cup of tea (or have one of my parents make it for me if that was an option). Maybe it's soothing because its warm, or maybe its totally in my head, but it works. Maybe I would generally be better off with a cold shot of tequila to calm down, but that is frowned upon at work and many other places, plus it lacks the comforting quality of a hot cup of tea or coffee. Today was definitely not such a bad day that I would call it one of my worst, but it was definitely a day that needed some warm coffee and a cupcake.,8599,1927544,00.html

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with eating healthy foods and monitoring the amount of chemicals and preservatives that you put in your body, your mental health takes priority. In my humble opinion, grains, veggies, and fruits all have their place. They are necessary to keep a healthy, active body and mind. But when it comes to a healthy heart and spirit - I would say there is a strong case for coffee and cupcakes when a big hug isn't an option.

Happy September!! This is the best month ever (not just because it contains my birthday!), but it is really a wonderful time of the year. I hope everyone can enjoy it - with lots of great hugs, cupcakes, and coffe!


  1. I love coffee and tea! I eat very healthy too but got to have my cup of coffee or tea :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. Oh my goodness! Are the red velvet cupcakes!!! They are!!! MY absolute favourite. I love going to the grocery store and picking the ingredients and making them my self. They take me forever though.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment x

  3. all I can say is YUUUMMM! thanks for commenting on my blog!
    have a great monday!