October 5, 2011

From The Other Side of 21

I can’t believe my birthday is over! I had the most amazing, perfect time ever. So many people had said that turning 21 was going to be anti-climactic, but I would wholeheartedly disagree with that. I ate and drank and explored through San Francisco, and had the best night downtown in Santa Barbara. I have over 150 pictures and will put some up here soon.
I guess I don’t feel very different to how I felt being 20, but I do feel the sense of freedom I expected. I feel excited and ready to explore lots of things I never got to in the past. I suppose with my actual birthday being over, however, I have to get back to the real world. I’m back at work and back at school already.
What I feel like doing most right now, however, is snuggling up on the couch with some hot tea. It’s pouring outside which makes it very difficult for me to focus on anything but the sound of the rain. I love winter. I like big coats, high boots, fuzzy socks, warm drinks, cuddly movie days, and Starbucks holiday cups. I’ll be in NYC for Christmas and New Years Eve this year, and I can’t wait for that!
Since the point of my blog is that I’m “Not Yet A Mommy”, it’s interesting for me to document my progression as I get older and learn more about the world and my place in it. I think I’m finding it more and more important to be true to yourself in order to be happy. For example, I chose San Francisco instead of the typical Vegas for my 21st because I knew that it was more of my kind of place and I had an absolutely perfect time. I didn’t listen to everyone who told me to “make sure I was blacked-out by 10pm” in order to have fun. I remember everything about my birthday night, and I had a complete blast. Everything was exactly the way I wanted, which hardly ever happens!!
What’s your favorite part of winter? What have you learned as you’ve grown up?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Well, I learned that it's important to be yourself too and to never lose sight of bigger goals in life. I love cozy coats, warm drinks, classic movies and tall boots. We have a lot in common :)

    Heel in Mint