January 7, 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve

source: Tigermag.com
Happy New Year! It's been two days since I got back from the most amazing trip to New York and Boston, and I'm already missing it terribly. I saw all the sights, including Times Square Ball Drop (I'll show some of my own pictures later once I get around to unpacking!), walked through all the beautifully lighted streets, and most wonderfully ate ALL the food. 

What makes the food in New York so good? Why are slices of pizza, bowls of pasta, and fresh sandwiches even more delicious on the east coast? While I ponder this, unpack, and get ready to start work and keep posting longer and more interesting posts than this, here is a non-inclusive list of some of the most delicious things I ate and drank on my trip. Many, many pictures to come. 

  • Fresh pretzel with olives and feta cheese
  • Pizza with crumbed chicken and broccoli
  • Mediterranean grilled cheese with feta cheese, tomato, and basil
  • Clam chowder in a bread bowl
  • Lamb meatballs with yogurt and cucumber
  • Blueberry Beer
  • Mixed drink made from vodka and ginger beer
  • Cranberry sangria

What was the best thing you ate over the holiday break?!

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