January 9, 2012

Everything in Moderation

First Shock Top of the New Year!
Like most of the population, I'm starting the new year with a resolution to tweak my eating habits to include more healthful food and increase my weekly workout to be,well, more than once weekly. It's hard though sometimes to remember that, as my boyfriend likes to say, any lifestyle change is a "marathon not a sprint". 

The truth is, going on a strict, restrictive diet or working out until you puke every day is not healthy and is hard to maintain. Plus, everyone needs a little chocolate or a whole night spent vegging on the couch now and then. It's good for the soul.

Beyond food and exercise, I believe that people should strive for balance and moderation when it comes to work, socializing, and having time alone. Now, here comes the tricky part. Once balance is achieved, it may mean that you are not "The Best" at any one thing. No, you cannot be the most successful business woman in the world, the fastest marathon runner, and the life of every party. 

You can, however, work your hardest to have a fulfilling career, work out regularly to stay in shape, look good, and be able to handle challenges, and still enjoy a nice cold beer on New Years Eve... and maybe a few other times throughout the year. This may be controversial, and maybe not everyone would think that this is the best way to go through life. Some people might even call it "settling". But for me it seems to be the best way to enjoy a little of everything in this one short life that we have.

No, I haven't gotten quite to the perfect balance yet, but my resolution for the New Year is to increase my fitness level, eat a little healthier, and try and figure out what to do with the next chapters of my life.

How do you find balance? What are your New Years resolutions?


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